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Being archers means we have a unique insight into what feels good, and looks good

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Neil Lockhart

Founder and owner of Lionhart UK

Keely Haysom

Digital Artist

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How did we
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Branding and identity have always been important to us, and whilst archery is not exactly a ‘team sport’ it is important that any club or organisation represents its values and identity when competing (or simply participating) to create an inclusive environment where members feel they belong.

Returning to the sport after many years, I found the club apparel uninspiring – simply plain polo shirts with an embroidered logo. So I proposed my club consider a new logo and image. After designing and sourcing shooting shirts for my local club it was clear that the price of the shirts was too expensive for most members and the minimum order quantity from suppliers too high.

This was the kick-starter for me to design and source high-quality, distinctive shirts at a reasonable price. Having lived and worked in Asia for over a decade, I networked with people I could trust and built a solid working relationship with the company who print and produce the shirts Lionhart designs. Consistent quality and adherence to our designs and specifications is key. Without this strong relationship and trust, which assures the quality of our garments, we simply would not offer to design and supply shirts.

I started shooting over 50 years ago when the only acceptable attire on the shooting line was ‘green and white’. That’s why creating distinctive shirt designs which are comfortable and feel good has become my passion.
Neil Lockhart
Founder and owner, Lionhart

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