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The following information should help answer most questions you may have about our offers, service and guarantees

Common Questions

The initial minimum order quantity is 10 garments, which can be mixed. We can supply lower quantities for subsequent orders by either piggy-backing orders with other customers (in which case the lead time may vary), or by payment of a minimum order surcharge to cover additional shipping costs. Either way you are guaranteed to get your shirts when new members join.

Our lead times are normally around 4 weeks from approval of the design and production templates, and of course payment in full.

According to our purchasing terms it is the same price for each shirt regardless of size. Unfortunately this makes small children’s shirts more expensive, but favours those who are looking for larger sizes. We are not VAT registered (yet) so are therefore unable to offer VAT discounts on children’s sizes.

Sizes are a bit of a lottery in the UK – a medium at one retailer may be different to another. There is no harmonisation of sizes that you can rely on, which is why we sell garments by actual measurements. We have small increments in our range of sizes, which is a benefit when trying to find the size that fits you – but of course this means that our designations may sometimes surprise you. We advise all our customers to measure a garment they are comfortable shooting in and compare to the Lionhart size charts. If in doubt go one size larger. Never simply order by designation (S, M, L etc)!

We do not charge extra for customisation with names or sponsor logos etc. There are no hidden charges in the prices we offer, so one price covers all. Every garment we make has an individual template, so realistically there is no more work to customise the shirts, so no extra costs.

We have worked with the factory who produce our garments for many years and the quality of what they produce for us is excellent, otherwise we would not do this. We control the quality of our shirts at every stage: from design and quality of graphics (where we produce the master production templates), through to test printing to check colours. We also check every individual production template before the shirts are produced. This is in addition to a final quality check upon receipt of the garments to confirm that everything is as expected. Finally, we label every individual shirt package to make it easier to distribute to club or organisation members.

We do not charge for our design work, within reason. Practically, we produce a number of design variants free of charge for a club or organisation to choose from. It is quite normal for the final approval of the designs to come with requests for minor changes, which we gladly do. We understand how important a decision it is for any organisation to invest in a new image for the club so we want to get it right. We will let you know when things may have gone too far in requesting design variants – as too many options actually get in the way of decision-making. All we ask is for your brief to be as specific as possible as it helps in the design process.

Yes, it is quite normal for us to find a club or organisation cannot supply a high-resolution vector graphic of their logo, which we insist on to maintain our print quality. Printing on material is not the same as other substrates and occasionally we will have to edit colours to achieve a final result consistent with the original logo. We do not charge for creating a vector image of your logo if it is used exclusively for printing the shirts. We do however offer an unlimited use license, if you decide you would like digital copies of the logo, and of course we charge for this.

The simple answer is no. We are not manufacturers of shirts, as such, and our offer is primarily creative design, which we like to think we are good at. We are very particular about the quality of the graphics used to print our shirts. As the saying goes ‘garbage in, garbage out’, so no bitmapped images unless they are full size 300 dpi and CMYK colour space (which is rarely the case). We do accept design input and graphics which your members may have taken the time to create, but unless they are digital artists it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to supply graphics of the right quality or format, as well as the understanding of how to print on fabric.

The simple answer is no. Most suppliers of garments own the copyright to their designs and we would not infringe another supplier’s copyrighted design, unless you are able to get permission from them to do so. If your existing supplier is unable to continue to supply or meet your requirements, they may simply agree to replicating their designs – but this is something you would need to ask. A word of caution that matching designs may be easy, however matching colours is a different matter as there are many types of ink used to print on fabric, and each fabric can render differently. So there are no guarantees the colours or designs would be consistent. Please take our advice and consider using the opportunity to refresh the shirt designs for your club or organisation when you to change to Lionhart.

No, our designs are our copyrighted and cannot be reproduced.

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product guarantee

We guarantee both the quality of the printing and manufacture of our garments for a minimum of 6 months, but are not responsible for mistakes made by customers ordering the wrong size or providing the wrong spelling of text / names to be printed on the shirts. Our guarantee does not cover damage to shirts or other garments from exposure to VELCRO or other abrasive substances that may cause pilling.

Our garments are sold by actual measurements with a tolerance of between +/- 1.0cm of the measurements provided in our size charts. If a shirt does not fit and is not within the tolerance specified, we will replace the shirt. We cannot accept a return or refund for a shirt that has been ordered in the incorrect size.

As shirts are made to customer order they can only be returned and refunded if there are defects in the manufacture or printing. We will accept returns of garments where we have incorrectly spelled names or printed differently from what the customer requested, or where manufacturing faults are evident. We need to be notified of any such defects within 14 days of delivery and the faulty item returned to us in its original condition.

The cost of returning any garments is the responsibility of the customer, and we always recommend sending tracked and/or signed for to avoid disputes. We will not charge postage for replacement goods sent to customers.

Returns & Exchanges

Lionhart products that have been exclusively designed as bespoke products cannot be returned or exchanged, unless faulty. Generic garments sold through our website can be returned to us within 14 days of delivery, providing they have not be customised.

Where there is a defect or manufacturing / printing error we must be notified immediately upon receipt. The faulty garment must be returned to us within 14 days, in their original condition with all tags and labels attached. We will either remake the faulty garment or offer a full refund as agreed.

Yes, due to the popularity of our garments we have designed non-exclusive shirts for either casual or sporting wear. These are made to the same high quality standards as our bespoke shirts, and are made to order.

We are UK-based Business to Customer operation, and there are no retail outlets for our products. All products must be ordered directly through Lionhart.

We try to ensure we answer all the questions you may have before ordering, however if there is something that you need to know in addition to the above, please just ask us.

Shipping & recent orders

We always ship our garments using signed for delivery services, such as Parcel Force 48 or Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For, or internationally by DHL. Postage is charged at cost, with the exception of generic garments sold via our website, where postage is included. For international shipping we will send by courier such as DHL at customer cost.

All shipments sent using Parcel Force 48 provide a tracking number which will be emailed to you as soon as your products are shipped. For Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For, a reference number will be provided on request. All international shipments made by courier will provide a tracking number.

Typically parcels sent by Parcel Force 48 will be delivered within 48 hours, excluding weekends and bank holidays. Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For is supposed to arrive the next day after posting, however this is not guaranteed. If required, guaranteed next day postage can be arranged at additional cost.

At Lionhart we are available 7 days a week to respond to customer requests, but as you will appreciate we cannot guarantee to respond to your enquiries the same day, but try our best to do so.

We will contact you to let you know when your products are being shipped to us, together with an expected delivery date. Once received and quality checked we will usually send out the next day and e-mail you with the tracking number or postage details.