Medals and badges

Exclusive designs by Lionhart

The usual minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, which can be mixed in terms of finish to suit. However at these quantities the price is mainly determined by the production costs for the die.

Orders are normally fulfilled in around 4 – 6 weeks after approval of the design.

We custom design and manufacture high-quality hard enamel medals and badges. The base material is a zinc alloy, which is polished and plated with either gold, shiny nickel or bronze. This combination ensures that they will not corrode if chipped or damaged over time, unlike some iron-based materials.

Most recently we have developed a three tier design, which is struck from a single blank, and ensures that no parts of the medals or badges can fall off and get lost.

Blank struck in zinc alloy before enamel is added

The finished medal with hard enamel fillers should not be confused with the cheaper soft enamel badges and medals on the market today.

These badges and medals are more expensive than the cheaper materials available, however we think these are something worthy of the achievement in a tournament and ensure your events attract, recognise and reward the best archers.