New Glevum Logo

New Logo created for Glevum Target and Sports Club

It is common when being asked to design new shirts and garments to review the organisation’s current logo and image. We were contacted by Glevum Target & Sports Club and asked to design a new logo for the club. Interestingly, Glevum was a Roman fort established around 48AD at an important crossing of the River Severn and close to the Fosse Way. Today Glevum is known as Gloucester, which is where the club is based, so it was obvious to link the Roman past to the City of Gloucester.

The club is a multi-discipline sports shooting club and has a focus on air rifle and live fire disciplines, as well as archery. Their previous logo featured a rifle and cross hairs. We proposed a new logo based on a target face and a Roman mosaic concept, and this was enthusiastically adopted by the club.

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