Commissioned by Magnus Fredriksson of Sweden

Magnus Fredriksson is a passionate and ambitious archer from Sweden. He is an International TASH sponsored archer who was so pleased with his TASH shirt he asked us to design and supply shirts for his club in Sweden.

He subsequently established Angviken BSK in 2021 and we have designed a new shirt for this club too.

‘Hi Neil, I just wanted you to know that I have now received the shirts, they look amazing! I wanted to thank you for giving me the best customer service that I have ever seen (truly mean that). Please save your design, because I think there will be more orders in the future for new members.
I will head out to a two day competition in Norway during the weekend and another club member will be going to a competition here in Sweden. Hopefully, and most likely, a lot of archers will be jealous of the shirt. Guessing you will be getting more orders soon 😉

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